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Workshop & Networking Mixer coming



Marketing Your Music in the New Age of Social Media

21 September 2024

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Rotary Community Room, Montrose Cultural Centre

Grande Prairie, AB

"The Next Level" 
Marketing Your Music in the New Age of Social Media

So you’ve written a song and you are ready to release/publish it, what next?

Does this sound familiar when it comes to the next thing you have to do:

"Where do I start? How do I begin selling my work?"

"I'm terrible with technology!"

"Social media? I hate It!"


"I don't like putting myself on social media."

"This is a lot of work!"

Yes, it is a lot of work, especially as an independent artists. Many of us pour our heart and soul into the craft we create, but we often don't realize the hard truth - WE ARE OUR OWN BUSINESS.

And with like any other business, you have to think and work like a "business" which includes advertising, branding, marketing, and selling. 


I had to quickly learn a whole new set of marketing skills to successfully release my first original song, Pink Walls, to the world. 

I learnt it the hard way, but you don't have to!


That is why this Fall 2024, I am hosting a 90 minute workshop + networking mixer to provide an insight into my personal experience with this; how you can successfully grow your music business as an indie artist. 


Topics will include branding, social media content, pitching and organizing your work, and more.


Come out and meet like-minded musicians and artists, whether you’re new or seasoned, let’s connect and learn!

This is a great opportunity to network with other creatives as well or musicians from different genres outside of your regular network.


We welcome non-musicians (creatives, visual artists, etc. ) as well. Believe it or not, everyone's success is built upon networking with other skills/creatives in the community.


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About Esther

Esther is a Malaysian-born Canadian pianist, and indie singer-songwriter currently based in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada. A sensitive and intimate composer, she writes about all the things her heart whispers and want to sing. Her first contemporary rock song, Pink Walls, brought a profound message on domestic violence, was featured across prominent radio stations, and is being used by women shelter organizations in domestic violence campaigns across US and Canada. She recently released her second contemporary single, Sandcastle, which was well-received on independent radio stations and podcast shows across the world.


Esther has since built a thriving freelance live piano music service locally in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas; bringing pianist services to corporate, lounge and wedding events.


Esther hopes listeners can find a vestige of the healing and connection that music is for her. She is also passionate in sharing her knowledge of navigating the business of releasing a song as an independent artist. 

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