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Songwriting & Composition

Are you an artist looking for a unique song to sing? Esther is open to work with all genres of music! Book a meeting with Esther to discuss; listen and pick from her current compositions or create something new together.

Live Piano Music

Esther brings live piano music to your events with a variety of repertoire from classic hits, jazz ballads and 90s - 2010s pop/rock music. From Elvis Presley to Bryan Adams, Shania Twain to Coldplay, Ed Sheeran or Adele ... request now to listen to samples


Find Esther on Instagram to check out her live events!


Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano or write a song?

Youths and Adults are welcome. Esther will work with your personal goals. Opportunities to perform in festivals/recitals or conservatory exams are also available.

Book a Service

Please fill out this form if you need more information on any of the services listed above: 

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