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The Most Awesome Gift for Piano Teachers

I'll let you in on a little secret:

I am a hoarder of children's art.

I will treasure any form of a child's artwork to my old age days.

I have a medium-sized, wooden, treasure box in my bedroom, housing all art or craftwork, as well as handwritten letters that my children, students and parents have made as gifts to me over the years.

I open this special box to look at frequently, especially on nights where I need a reminder, a boost, a comforting moment.

Awesome and Unique Gift Ideas for Piano Teachers
My treasure box

Ms Esther - the good monster teacher, haha!

I’ve known some of my students for a few years, some only just within the past year as they had transferred to me from a different teacher.

No matter how or when they started, it has been so rewarding to see each and everyone of them grow since the beginning. No matter the time spent together in lessons, piano teachers always have that special bond with each unique student that crosses their path.

To a teacher or any educator, these gifts are the most priceless. I always believe any form of art, be it written or drawn or painted, is the honest, genuine expression of the person or child.

Just as I took time to get to know each child’s passions and personalities, they took time to get to know me as well. It is always so touching to know that students remember I love to eat chocolate, and grow plants/flowers (thank you!!).

Not that teachers need any gifts at all to be honest, and we certainly don't expect any from families each year. The gifts and rewards of being in this profession, is in itself the success and progress of a child in their learning each week, month, and year.

Although, I'm sure I speak for every teacher when I say there is nothing comparable to a child's or parent's effort in creating something from their own hands, be it a drawing, painting, a music recording, or a handwritten note.

Awesome and Unique Gift Ideas for Piano Teachers
"You look like a heart in my body" - that's the SWEETEST thing I've heard - I almost cried!!

Looking back at our recital this past May - we are so blessed to be able to host an in-person celebration of music this year. I am so proud of everyone for braving the stage, and bringing their best that day.

Learning music is hard work. Progress is not easily seen short-term. There is no trophy. There is no medal. And there is no ceiling. The sky is your limit. It is the cumulative minutes and hours of commitment at the instrument, and the reward is the knowledge gained.

Wishing all a great and happy summer. Thank you, for another amazing year of piano music!

Spring Recital Gift Ideas for Students
Spring Year-End Recital 2022 - Group 1

Spring Recital Gift Ideas for Students
Spring Year-End Recital 2022 - Group 2

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